HeidiTown Gives Back: Colorado Animal Rescue Express (C.A.R.E.)

Colorado Animal Rescue Express logoI started the HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign exactly one year ago. I wanted to highlight some great Colorado charities by giving them one month of free ad space on HeidiTown.com, plus a blog post about the charity. I was inspired to do this in part, because I get asked to promote so many nonprofit events during the year. I can’t help them all, so I developed this program  as a way to give back to the community I love.

golden retriever from CARE
All photos from www.caretransport.org.

This month’s recipient of the HeidiTown Gives Back campaign is Colorado Animal Rescue Express, or C.A.R.E.

This organization came to my attention by a fellow member of my People with Compassion for Pets giving circle.

I researched C.A.R.E., called and spoke to the founder, and am convinced that they are a worthy recipient of HeidiTown Gives Back.

Lisa Mendelsberg and Linda Fox had already transported around 1,000 dogs when they decided to establish C.A.R.E. in 2007. They transport at-risk animals (animals that are in the queue to be euthanized) to   rescue organizations that have room to take in the at-risks animals. They work exclusively with foster-based rescues. By transporting these animals for free, C.A.R.E. offsets the cost of transports to rescue organizations and shelters.

german shepherd CARE“We originally transported Golden Retrievers for Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue,” explains Mendelsberg. “And we decided that we needed to help all breeds of dogs, and that’s how C.A.R.E. got started.”

Today, C.A.R.E. works with a huge number of organizations and in 2012 alone they carried out 201 transports of 3,782 dogs and 179 cats.

In 2008, C.A.R.E. established Jake’s Fund, as a way to help homeless animals with veterinarian care. Through Jake’s Fund, they help approximately 40 animals every month with medical treatment – from vaccines to surgical procedures for injuries.

C.A.R.E. has also launched and/or sponsors spay and neuter programs in low-income, rural or underserved communities around Colorado.

Puppies CAREI am very impressed with Colorado Animal Rescue Express. If it wasn’t for organizations like this, many more animals would end up euthanized or worse. I hope that you will consider making a donation to this worthy Colorado charity this month.

Colorado Animal Rescue Express, C.A.R.E. is online at CareTransport.org.


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