HeidiTown Gives Back: Wolves Offered Life & Friendship (W.O.L.F.)

Wolf logo small-webWolves are wild animals, and should remain wild animals. Unfortunately, people have been interbreeding domestic dogs and wolves for years, even attempting to keep wolves as pets; a misguided idea that never turns out well, and that’s where W.O.L.F. comes in.

Founded in 1995, and located northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado, this organization works to improve the quality of life for all wolves and wolf dogs. They have a rescue program that saves captive bred wolves and wolf dogs whose caretakers are no longer able to provide for them. They provide permanent homes for these wolves and wolf dogs with consideration for the animal’s physical and emotional requirements. Lastly, they educate the public about wolves.

Odin relaxing at WOLF. From Wolf Sanctuary on Facebook.
Odin relaxing at WOLF. From Wolf Sanctuary on Facebook.

I chose Wolves Offered Life & Friendship Sanctuary, aka W.O.L.F., as this month’s recipient of the HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign because I agree wholeheartedly with their mission. W.O.L.F. has developed a series of educational presentations and they stress that wolves belong in the wild and should not be bred with dogs or kept as pets.

Last summer, the sanctuary was in the path of the High Park Fire and the wolves had to be removed. The damage to the facility included the destruction of a caretaker cabin and two sheds, and some enclosures were damaged. The wolves were returned to the property several months later, but this was not the end of the trouble. Torrential rains caused ash run off and road erosion and the damage to property dig guards and gates.

Peta howling at WOLF
Peta howling at WOLF. From Wolf Sanctuary on Facebook.

Work to repair the sanctuary has continued, but there was a recent setback. Songs of Survival, a benefit concert at Lincoln Center on May 5, 2013 had to be postponed due to a rapid spring thaw followed by several feet of snow that resulted in road and pond flooding, heavy mud, and increased ash content from the High Park Fire.

These new issues took staff and volunteer attention away from the benefit and back to the property. The concert will be reschedule for a later date, but in the meantime with these new difficulties created by Mother Nature, it’s now more crucial than ever that the 9th Annual Waltz for Wolves gala is a success.

The gala is schedule for June 1, 2013 at the Larimer County Fairgrounds First National Bank Building. Tickets are just $50, and include dinner, an opportunity to visit with animals from the sanctuary, entertainment and silent and live auctions. All proceeds will benefit W.O.L.F. in its efforts to rebuilt enclosures destroyed by the 2012 High Park Fire, and provide daily care for the resident captive bred wolves and wolf dogs. I hope that you will consider purchasing tickets here:   wolfsanctuarywaltz.weebly.com.

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I encourage you to visit W.O.L.F. online at WolfSanctuary.net. On the site you will learn about the many wolves and wolf dogs that live there, and some of these stories will bring tears to your eyes. Lastly, please LIKE W.O.L.F. here on Facebook.


Each month I choose a Colorado-based nonprofit as the recipient of the HeidiTown Gives Back Campaign. The nonprofit receives a blog post on the first Monday of the month and an ad on the right hand side of this page.


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Kelli. This is such a well-deserving charity.

      ~Heidi, the Mayor


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