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Lucky Dog Rescue LogoAs I was thinking about which charity to highlight this month, I decided to contact my fellow blogger and dog lover friend, Chrissy Morin from Parker. She has been very active in helping out animal charities and pet owners via social media during and after the Black Forest Fire near Colorado Springs. As I expected, Chrissy quickly put me in contact with Colorado Springs Lost Pet Alert. The lady who runs this organization emailed me a list of nonprofits that had helped people and pets during the Black Forest Fire.

Lucky Dog Rescue was on the list.

As a rescue, this nonprofit is not a shelter and fosters most of their dogs in volunteers’ homes. During the Black Forest Fire, Lucky Dog Rescue worked with Lucky Dog Resort to house the dogs of evacuees.

Sable, available at Lucky Dog Rescue in Colorado Springs
Sable, available at Lucky Dog Rescue.

Since the establishment of Lucky Dog Rescue they have saved and re-homed 400 dogs. As of June 30, Lucky Dog has adopted out 90 dogs in 2013. I was very pleased to find that this organization keeps very good reports and all reports are available for viewing online.

Lucky Dog Rescue is located in Colorado Springs and their Mission Statement reads:

Lucky Dog Rescue is dedicated to saving unwanted dogs and finding them forever homes. Passionate about the prevention of cruelty to animals, we want to be a leader within the Colorado Springs community and educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets, while advocating for animals that have no voice, by offering training and other resources as alternatives to re-homing.

Ollie, available at Lucky Dog Rescue in Colorado Springs.
Ollie, available at Lucky Dog Rescue.

One of the most unique aspects of this nonprofit dog rescue is that free dog training is available to those who adopt a Lucky Dog dog. Lucky Dog Resorts, a different entity, but a business that works closely with the nonprofit, also offers 10% off on boarding, daycare, pet sitting and grooming to adopters.

Rocky is one of Lucky Dog Rescue’s success stories. He spent a year and half at Lucky Dog Rescue whereas most dogs stay an average of 30 days. Rocky’s downfall was that he looks like a pit bull and was a bit standoffish. Apprentices at the rescue worked with him at adoption fairs and he eventually found his forever home with a couple from Colorado Springs.

Rocky, one Lucky Dog
Meet Rocky – one Lucky Dog!

Could you be a lucky dog’s knight in shining armor?

Visit their website at BeALuckyDog.com/rescue.

Like their Facebook page HERE and share it with your friends!

One last thing –

Lucky Dog Rescue’s largest fundraiser of the year is August 24. The Lucky Dog Jog is a 5K Run and K9 Olympics that takes place at Bear Creek Region Park at Pavilions 2/3. To learn more, and to register for this furry, fun event, GO HERE.

UPDATE dated November 4, 2013:

After being with the rescue for 2 years, Sable (the black dog pictured above) is finally being adopted. Here is a neat video showing some of the training being done to prepare her for living in a home. You would not be able to tell from this video, but Sable most likely has never lived in a hous. She came to the rescue after her homeless dad vanished. He had her on the streets with him, where she has a large litter of puppies. Thanks to Lucky Dog Rescue, Sable will now live out the rest of her life in a warm and happy household.

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