Giving the gift of music – Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Part of violin on music sheetNobody beats my husband at birthdays, nobody. And that’s impressive because I’m a tough customer. After all, I travel a lot, and I go to dinner theater on a regular basis, and as a media type I get a first glimpse at a lot of cool stuff happening in Denver.

So how does he do it?   He listens to me”¦ when it counts.

For the past six months or so, I’ve been lamenting the fact that we don’t have a lot of live music in our lives. In fact, after visiting Steamboat Springs during All Arts Fest, and getting a chance to hear their amazing Symphony Orchestra play at Strings, I was even more hell-bent on adding more live music to my life.

I have a lifelong love of classical music, stemming from my childhood. My father, a guitarist who loves singer/songwriter material, also instilled in me a serious appreciation of classical music. I remember my dad asking me, as we listened to Tchaikovsky one evening, what imagery does this bring to mind? That’s the game I still play when listening to an orchestra.

So what does this have to do with my husband?   Last week was my birthday and he presented me with a season ticket package to Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO). Years ago we had a similar package, but this time around I’ve got tickets to more concerts, and wonderful seats.

The best thing about this gift, other than bringing beautiful music back into my life, is that a night out at the CSO in downtown Denver is a built-in date night opportunity. Going to the symphony is a classy night out with my husband. We’ll have to dress up a little, shine our shoes and look presentable, not something we do on a regular basis, after all we are casual Coloradans.

If you are looking for a refined gift for your loved one, consider the gift of music, because it is also the perfect excuse for a monthly, romantic date night.

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