Resolve to experience more of Colorado

scenery between Ridgeway and Telluride Colorado. 2013
The scenery between Ridgeway and Telluride Colorado.


Readers often say to me, “You’re so lucky!” and I agree. Being the Mayor of HeidiTown is a pretty awesome gig. However, everything I do here, you can do too.

I don’t fly off to Paris or South Africa or Australia. I get in my car and drive. My goal is to introduce my readers to great festivals and destinations around Colorado.

Buildings in downtown Leadville Colorado. Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer
Downtown Leadville, Colorado.

I am lucky, but we are all very lucky. We live in one of the most amazing and beautiful states in the union. We have mountains, plains, lakes and wildlife galore. We have big cities, small villages and ghost towns. We have the greatest skiing in the world. We have some of the best museums in the country. We have the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets in the universe.

Winter Park Dog Sledding. Favorite picture. 2013
Dog sledding in Winter Park, Colorado.

Plus, there’s a new adventure waiting around every corner, whether it’s running into a herd of big horn sheep (figuratively, of course) or ziplining at 11,200 feet above sea level.

The majority of my readers are from right here in Colorado, so the things I do as the Mayor of HeidiTown are accessible to nearly all of you.

So what are you waiting for?

As you make your New Year’s resolutions, I sincerely hope that you will resolve to experience more of Colorado in 2014. There are so many wonderful destinations around the state that you have yet to explore, so now is the time to do it.

Get out and have an adventure, citizens!



thumbs up after snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park near Grand Lake. 2013
Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park near Grand Lake, Colorado.


  1. Happy New Year!! Look forward to more posts about this great state we live in and love!


  2. One of my New Years resolutions is to travel more- in CO! This sounds like a wonderful place to start!


    1. Yay! I’m glad you made HeidiTown, Colorado your first stop. We love tourists, but we welcome you to become a citizen as well. 🙂


  3. I love this! We moved here last year and our friends, who are CO natives, joke around that we have done more and seen more in CO this year than they have their entire lives. I agree-it is totally accessible and so much of it is free or low cost. Your site was one of the first I found when we were planning our move here and I have been very thankful for it.


    1. Hi Jen,

      Learning that you found my site when you were planning your move to Colorado truly makes my day! I’ve been following your blog, as well. Looks like you are making the most out of living in our great state. Love it!!!


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