January 2014

Featured Festival: Loveland Snow Sculpture in the Dark, 2014

I’ve been attending and writing about Snow Sculpture in the Dark since it’s conception in 2010. A grassroots event, it has grown into a sanction snow sculpting competition where the winners go on to represent the State of Colorado at the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Championships. It’s a pretty darn big deal, and the artists who participate take it very seriously. Loveland Snow Sculpture in the Dark This is as

Lorelei private hot spring at the Wiesbaden in Ouray, Colorado. HeidiTown.com

Planning to travel this Valentine’s Day, or want to surprise your love with a romantic winter trip? If so, then this is the post for you. Colorado has no shortage of romantic destinations, in fact, nearly every town is a special place if you experience it with your one true love, however, I have a few recommendations of towns that are sure to turn up the romance in your relationship.

Steamboat Winter Carnival HeidiTown

I’ve recorded nearly 150 radio shows at KRFC 88.9 FM since August 2011, and that boggles my mind. I’ve literally shared 100s of festivals and lots of my own personal anecdotes. It’s really fun having this additional outlet for sharing the joys of HeidiTown, and I appreciate Brian Hughes and the rest of the KRFC staff for letting me have a segment. Also, I’d like to thank my producers, Dianne


Monty Python has always been part of my life, and not just the famous Holy Grail movie. My dad was a true fan, and loved “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” the television show that aired from 1969-1974. Of course, we watched the shows on videos that we rented from the library during the 80s. After seeing them as an adult, I am surprised that my parents, who wouldn’t let us watch

Grand Lake Trip December 2013 HeidiTown.com 23

I have had a long time fascination with ice fishing – a 13 ½ year fascination, to be exact. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where lakes never freeze over, so the entire concept of ice fishing was foreign to me until I moved to Colorado more than a decade ago. When I was offered the chance to go ice fishing on Grand Lake this winter, I jumped at

Dessert at the Chocolate Cafe in Fort Collins, Colorado. HeidiTown.com

Winter is full swing and that doesn’t mean things slow down around HeidiTown. Festivals are scheduled year-round here in Colorado – lucky us! This means, thankfully, I never run out of stuff to share on my radio segment on KRFC 88.9 FM. In this week’s segment I share some upcoming Colorado winter festivals like the Cowboy Downhill in Steamboat Springs, a HamFest in Loveland and much more. I also share

Heidi at Fatty's during Ullr Festival in Breckenridge, Colorado. HeidiTown.com

A fellow travel blogger once called me “a tweeting fool,” and she’s right. I love Twitter, and when I’m on a trip I tweet regularly. My twitter account is not hooked up to HeidiTown’s Facebook page, but it is hooked up to Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest, so whenever I post a pic or check-in somewhere, a tweet informs my followers of my whereabouts. I decided that it would be fun

My Big Date Night logo ValentinesDayinLoveland.com HeidiTown.com

It’s finally here, a project I’ve been working on for a number of months has now been officially announced. This is a collaboration between three woman-owned, Colorado businesses, My Big Day, LLC, NOCO Short Bus Tours and HeidiTown.com. Have you ever visited Loveland, Colorado? Well, we think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to visit the Sweetheart City and we’ve made it easy for you. We’ve created a package for

rough legged hawk at Fossil Creek Reservoir Colorado HeidiTown.com

Wild Wings flew across my radar when I asked for a bird identification on Twitter. I’d been out birding at Fossil Creek Reservoir in Northern Colorado where approximately 18 bald eagles were roosting, but they were so far away I didn’t get any good shots. I did spot this bird, and had no idea what type of raptor it was: A friend tweeted one of her Twitter friends who happens

Heidis viking impression at Ullr Fest 2013

Yep, it’s that time of year again, Ullr Festival is almost here. This crazy event takes place for an entire week (January 5-11, 2014). We attended for the first time last year, when I was asked to be a judge of the Ullr Festival Parade. I’m judging again this year and I can’t wait. Ryan and I loved every minute of Ullr Festival and we made friends everywhere we went