HeidiTown on the Radio – February 2014 in Colorado, Part One

Steamboat Winter Carnival HeidiTown
Steamboat Winter Carnival

I’ve recorded nearly 150 radio shows at KRFC 88.9 FM since August 2011, and that boggles my mind. I’ve literally shared 100s of festivals and lots of my own personal anecdotes. It’s really fun having this additional outlet for sharing the joys of HeidiTown, and I appreciate Brian Hughes and the rest of the KRFC staff for letting me have a segment.

Also, I’d like to thank my producers, Dianne Fishman and Mickey Treister. These two ladies produce my shows each month; and they are responsible for polishing them up so that I sound like a pro. Thank you gals, for making me sound better than I actually sound!

In this week’s radio segment I talk about everything from chocolate to snow sculpture, so without further ado, LISTEN HERE.

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