A food tour in Delicious Downtown Colorado Springs

Last Saturday we went on the Delicious Downtown tour in Colorado Springs with Rocky Mountain Food Tours. My first piece of advice for anyone participating in this tour is to wear stretchy pants. Seriously, you will thank me.

Our tour started at The Antlers Hotel, a mid-modern goliath in downtown. We had a full tour of 14 hungry people. About half the group was from the Springs area and the other half from the Denver metro area.

Rocky Mountain Food Tours, Delicious Downtown tour. Bambino's Urban Pizza HeidiTown.com
Bambino’s Urban Pizza, Colorado Springs, Colorado

There’s some walking involved on the tour, but I was grateful for the time between stops to let a little bit of the food in my stomach digest. Plus, Colorado Springs is a sunny city, so it’s likely that you’ll be soaking up some Vitamin D while you walk.

Our tour started with a visit to the Caribbean and ended by going down the Rabbit Hole. True story.

I’m not going to give away all the wonderful experience you’ll have on this Colorado Springs food tour, but I will tell you some of my highlights.

Our stop at Bambino’s Urban Pizza was memorable,  not only because the food was amazing, but the owner, Suzette Megyeri, was so engaging. She obviously take a great amount of pride in her restaurant, a place where they make their own fresh mozzarella daily.

This is one of the best aspects of taking a Rocky Mountain Food Tours tour; at most restaurants an owner or manager will talk to the group about the business. We felt like true VIPs.

Rocky Mountain Food Tours, The Famous, a Steakhouse. HeidiTown.com
The Famous, a Steak House in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Another great stop was The Famous, a Steak House. Ryan loves nothing more than a good steak and when they brought out our food his eyes lit up like flashlights. They served us steak and fries and every bite was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The manager, Johnathan Shankland, was a wealth of knowledge about his restaurant, wine and the food scene in Colorado Springs.

We ended our tour with dessert at The Rabbit Hole, an underground restaurant and bar that, according to a Colorado Springs resident on our tour, is the city’s old morgue. We didn’t see any ghosts, but we had the best carrot cake I’ve ever eaten paired with an apple whiskey cider cocktail.

Rocky Mountain Food Tours, The Rabbit Hole, Colorado Springs, Colorado. HeidiTown.com
The Rabbit Hole, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

There are several Rocky Mountain Food Tours packages available. If you choose to add beer, wine and cocktails to your outing it’s an additional fee.

They are also adding additional tours in Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City. These tours are perfect for a special occasion or just as part of a getaway to Colorado Springs, a city that has truly embraced the food scene.

Tours start at $55, and with the amount of food you’ll consume and the additional fun information provided by your guide and business owners throughout the tour, I think these tickets are a good value.

Thank you to Rocky Mountain Food Tours for hosting us on this outing.



    1. It was so much fun! I wish every city had a food tour available.

      Thanks for dropping by HeidTown, Karen.


  1. Come back to COS, Heidi! There’s plenty more delicious food here just waiting to be discovered!


    1. RDEE, I will be back this month on magazine assignment for my travel column in Style Magazine. Can’t wait! We’re going to The Overlook for dinner at the zoo.


    1. Oh, Barb, I bet you would love it and they would LOVE to have you on the tour! Let me know if you want an introduction to the mother/daughter team who operates RMFT.


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