The Best Taco I Ever Ate in Colorado

I’ll be the first to admit that I used this title as click bait. I knew that those of you with favorite taco shops around Colorado were going to click the link, and if you didn’t see your favorite taco listed you would school me on taco greatness.

The Best Taco I Ever Ate in Colorado. Fish taco at Kip's Cantina in Pagosa Springs.
Kip’s Cantina, fish tacos

Here’s the thing. “Best of” lists about food are crap and I can say that because I’ve written one in the past. Everyone has a different set of taste buds, not to mention we are influenced by things ambiance and the people we were dining with.

With that being said,  I shall reveal three of the most memorable tacos I’ve eaten in Colorado. I’m sure I’ve had other delicious tacos, but these are the ones that immediately come to mind, and whether that makes them the “best” or not, I refuse to be the judge.

Pork Belly Tacos at Manitou Brewing Brewing Co. in Manitou Springs, Colorado

I had these tacos at Manitou Brewing Co. last month and they were the most gourmet tacos I’ve had in Colorado. I’ve had others that seemed just as fancy, but were stuffed with so many ingredients that they fell apart – becoming salads instead of tacos.

the best tacos i ever ate in colorado. Manitou Brewing Co.
Manitou Brewing Co., pork belly tacos

These pork belly tacos are made with braised pork belly, bacon jam, pickled red onions and a drizzle of spiced creme fraiche and are served on a soft, white corn tortilla. They were loaded with the perfect amount of fixings so that I could eat them like a proper taco and every bite melted in my mouth.

Fish Tacos at Kip’s Cantina in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

I dream of the fish tacos at Kip’s Cantina and I’m not the only one. I’ve bonded with perfect strangers over our love of Kip’s fish tacos. One time, a Texan in Pagosa told me that he makes the trip just to eat at Kip’s, and I believe him.

Kip’s fish taco isn’t fancy. It’s ono served with a cabbage slaw and salsa, but there’s just something about this taco that’s so damn good. In three trips to Pagosa Springs I’ve eaten Kip’s fish tacos every time. I’m not sure if this is loyalty or just an addiction problem.

Any taco at Matador’s Mexican Grill, Loveland & Fort Collins, Colorado

Paul Michaelson is the owner of Matador’s Mexican Grill and nobody loves tacos as much as this guy.

the best taco i ever ate in colorado. Matador's Mexican grill tacos.
Matador’s Mexican Grill, tacos

Everything on Matador’s menu is delicious, but I’m partial to the tacos and the chicken and bacon burrito. For many years my favorite has been the fish tacos with mango habanero sauce. Fantastic homemade sauces are Paul’s specialty and if you like a sauce with a good long burn, he’s got several to choose from.

Also, this place always has $2 craft beers on tap, which may or may not influence my love of Matador’s tacos.

Honorable Mention

Crispy barbacoa tacos at Taco Cabo, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

the best taco i ever ate in colorado. Taco Cabo, barbacoa taco.
Eating Taco Cabo tacos at Storm Peak Brewing Co.

I’ve got to mention Taco Cabo because we just ate there and it’s darn good. I’d recommend ordering the $1.50 side of roasted jalapenos. I jammed one inside of my barbacoa taco and it was heavenly. It’s direction across from Storm Peak Brewing Co., so you’ve got no excuse not to go there the next time you’re in Steamboat.

Sometimes the line is out the door, but it’s worth the wait.

So here’s your chance to tell me what’s what when it comes to Colorado tacos. Where’s the best taco you ever ate in Colorado?



  1. Would have loved to have seen a place in Denver metro; I would more likely make my own before hopping in the car to drive to these way more far reaching places. But then I usually just make my own everything and have friends over; I love that more than road trips! 🙂


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Barbara! I would have included a taco in Denver, but I couldn’t think of one that stands out. I’m sure there are lots of amazing tacos in Denver and am hoping someone chimes in with a recommendation.


  2. Dam Good Tacos
    120 West Laurel Street
    Fort Collins, CO.

    It’s in the little alley between College and Mason St.


    1. Thanks for stopping by HeidiTown, Paul.

      I have never heard of this place and I do go to Fort Collins to record my radio segment every couple of weeks, so I will definitely check it out. Thank you!


  3. We too love Matador. Also in part for the crazy good hot sauces. I am partial to breakfast there too because I am addicted to the maple jalapeño hot sauce. Plus they are such great supporters of our local community. They make it easy to love their food.


    1. I did not know about the maple jalapeno hot sauce! Thank you, Deb! And yes, Paul is a great business owner to have in Northern Colorado. I couldn’t agree more.


  4. Let’s see… how can we say this without “schooling you on taco greatness?” You forgot slope and hatch!


    1. I know! I mentioned that on HeidiTown’s Facebook page when I posted this. Their calamari tacos are to die for. Sorry Slope & Hatch – you’ve made other lists!


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