Five Ways To Take A Vacation In Your Own Town

My Facebook wall has been full of tropical vacation photos for several weeks. I even have a friend on a private yacht in the Caribbean. If this is the case for you too, it’s rather depressing, right? I mean, who doesn’t want to be on a yacht in the Caribbean?

If you’ve got cabin fever, I’ve got a solution and no, it’s not robbing a bank. It’s called a mini-vacation, and while I’m not promising that this outing will be as exciting as snorkeling in Grand Cayman or zip lining in Costa Rica, it will brighten your day.

1. Take a Walking Tour

Not every town has a guided walking tour, but you’d be surprised at how many towns have a printed version of a walking tour. They are usually available at your local visitor center, museum or at the chamber of commerce.

how to take a vacation in your own town. Crested Butte, Colorado.
See your town from a different perspective. (Crested Butte, Colorado)

I once took a walking tour of Fort Collins, a town with which I am very familiar. It was a night walking tour, but it wasn’t about ghosts, but rather the town’s history. Despite having walked Fort Collins’ streets many times (even at night), during the tour I felt like I was in a brand new town.

2. Take Stock of the Art

In a previous HeidiTown article I encouraged readers to check out their town’s local museums. This time I’m encouraging you to check out your town’s art scene. I have discovered that a town’s art scene is often an expression of the town itself.

How To Take A Vacation In Your Own Town.
Get artsy at an art museum or art gallery. (Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

Art is also a great escape. There’s something serene about an art gallery and a visit to one can be a peaceful, albeit short, getaway.

3. Visit a Farm

Okay, I can hear your thoughts: “A farm visit is no substitute for having my toes in the sand.” However, I’m here to tell you that a farm visit can be a relaxing and truly grounding experience. And you don’t need a kiddo to enjoy a farm.

How to take a vacation in your own town. Visit a Farm, Horse & Hen, Hayden, CO.
Nothing makes me happier than baby goats. Horse & Hen, Hayden, Colorado

Agritourism is a growing trend here in Colorado and across the nation. There’s quite possibly a farm in your area where baby goats are being born and cheese is being made.    

It might not be the case for everyone, but spending time in a barnyard is therapeutic for me. Just make sure they don’t put you to work, because who wants to work on vacation?

4. Take a Spa Day

Nearly every town I’ve visited has at least one fancy spa, even small towns. Can’t afford a tropical vacation? Take a mini-spa vacation. And I’m not suggesting that you get a mani/pedi, I’m suggesting a dermal rejuvenation facial or a foot spa party or both. Take it from me, a day at the spa can do wonders for one’s disposition.  

how to take a vacation in your own town. healing waters spa, saratoga, wyoming.
A spa vacation is just what the doctor ordered. Healing Waters Spa, Saratoga, Wyoming

5. Try a New Restaurant

We all get stuck in a restaurant rut. We know what we like and we tend to stick with it, but trying a new restaurant is a great way to take a mini-vacation in your own town. Part of the enjoyment of traveling is trying new things, so why not try something new in your own town.

how to take a vacation in your own town.
Try the new pizza place. There’s always a new pizza place! (PJ Neighborhood Pub, Hotchkiss, Colorado)

Is the new place in town too pricey? See if they have a happy hour or just splurge. We justify splurging while on vacation, why not celebrate a mini-vacation in the same way?



  1. Excellent point about splurging! Great ideas here. I still want to mini vaca in Colorado though!


    1. well, I can’t blame you there, Dawn! Thanks for stopping by HeidiTown this morning. 🙂


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