When Visiting Aspen, Colorado, Eat All the Things

No matter when you plan to visit Aspen, Colorado — winter, spring, summer or fall — plan to spend some time and money on dining. You won’t regret it.

Before we visited this winter, I had no idea Aspen was such a foodie town, and I’m not kidding when I suggest that you should go there and eat all the things. Seriously, forget about the diet and don’t cry over carbs, just eat everything and be happy.

When Visit Aspen, Colorado, Eat All the Things, photo courtesy of Meat & Cheese, HeidiTown.com
Photo courtesy of Meat & Cheese.

While nothing in Aspen is cheap, the bar is set high for good food in this resort town, and it’s nearly impossible to have a bad meal here.

When in Aspen, you must go to Meat & Cheese. The restaurant was opened in late 2014, by the founders of Avalanche Cheese Company, and these folks know their cheese and meats.

When Visiting Aspen, Colorado, Eat All the Things, Meat & Cheese courtesy photo. HeidiTown.com
Meat & Cheese, courtesy photo.

Of course, when at Meat & Cheese, a restaurant and farm shop, you must order the Meat & Cheese board, which serves two, and follow it up with one of the restaurant’s creative entrees such as coffee chocolate rubbed short ribs or the rotisserie chicken (the best I’ve ever had).

Dining here is a true foodie experience. We relied heavily on the staff for information about what we were eating and Parker, the manager on duty, knew the menu inside and out, including the fantastic craft beer selection.

When Visiting Aspen, Colorado, Eat All the Things, Aspen Overeasy. HeidiTown.com
Aspen Overeasy

For a quick pick-me-up, drop into Aspen Overeasy for a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice concoction. I met up here with my friend Jillian Livingston of AspenRealLife.com. I ordered the Super Sunrise which had pineapple, strawberry, orange, and grape, and Jillian went with the Avocado Dreamboat, a coconut water infused green drink filled with good-for-you stuff.

If you’re looking for a swanky après ski destination in Aspen, but don’t want to break the bank, check out BB’s bar. BB’s restaurant serves up delicious items like antelope steak ($42), and the bar keeps the creative spin going, but has more affordable bites.

When Visiting Aspen, Colorado, Eat All the Things, Steamed Pork Buns, BB's Aspen. HeidiTown.com
Steamed Pork Belly Buns, photo courtesy of BB’s.

I highly recommend the pork belly steamed buns ($16). Great for sharing, add a side of kale and Brussel sprouts and you’ve got a high-end meal for a reasonable price. In addition to après ski, the bar at BB’s is a fun Aspen late-night destination.

Bloody Marys are a big deal in Aspen. I saw them on every menu in town, and if you google “best Bloody Mary in Aspen, Colorado” a ton of lists come up, but the place that makes every list is the St. Regis. In fact, their Bloody Mary is so popular that they have a free Bloody Mary tasting every day at 11:15 a.m., which just so happened to be when I stumbled in.

The Regis Hotel in New York, is said to be the birthplace of the Bloody Mary. Originally called “The Red Snapper,” it was invented by a bartender working there in the early 1920s.

When Visiting Aspen, Colorado, Eat All the Things. Bloody Mary at the St. Regis. HeidiTown.com
Shout out to James, the bartender at the St. Regis who made my delicious Bloody Mary. Thanks for the conversation!

At the St. Regis in Aspen, you can sample this hotel’s unique recipe, the “Downhill Snapper,” and order from their Bloody Mary menu that includes versions from their hotels around the world.

I ordered the “Downhill Snapper,” which is made with Woody Creek Vodka and muddled dill and basil. It was well-worth the $18 price tag, although, at that price, I didn’t order more than one.

When Visiting Aspen, Colorado, Eat All the Things. HOme Team BBQ Brisket Sandwich. HeidiTown.com
Home Team BBQ Brisket Sandwich, courtesy photo.

My last Aspen dining tip is Home Team BBQ. If all this gourmet fare has you longing for down home grub, this brand new Aspen restaurant is the place to go, especially for those who love Carolina style barbecue.

When Visit Aspen, Colorado, Eat All the Things. Home Team BBQ mac n cheese. HeidiTown.com
Home Team BBQ Mac ‘n’ Cheese, courtesy photo.

Located in the Inn at Aspen, at the base of Buttermilk, this is a family-friendly dining option. Everything here was quite tasty, although the southern style mac ‘n’ cheese was my favorite. On a tip from a server, I added a little Home Team Death Relish to my mac ‘n’ cheese, a habanero salsa — and my life was complete.


Thank you to the Aspen Chamber for hosting us on this trip and to the various restaurants that invited us to dine with them while we were in town. We can’t wait to dine in Aspen again!  



    1. Only 10? LOL!

      I hope you read it after I fixed the glaring typo in the middle regarding the Bloody Mary at St. Regis. If not, I apologize. I mustn’t have had enough coffee when I wrote this originally!

      Thanks for stopping by HeidiTown, Denise!


  1. We will have to check these out. Food is the second reason we visit Aspen, after hiking the Maroon Bells. I blame the Food + Wine festival. While some of our favorite restaurants, like the old Motherlode, are gone, there are plenty more in its place. Of course, I will have to give a shout out to the Limelight Hotel and its massive complimentary breakfast. And during the off season, they have special Colorado rates (no affiliation).


    1. I wonder if that Motherlode was connected to the one in Breckenridge.

      Hotel Aspen also has a full complimentary breakfast! It’s a sweet deal because as we all know, eating out in Aspen isn’t cheap!

      I really need to do some hiking in that area. I have done a few hikes around Snowmass, just out the front door from our condo.

      Thanks for stopping by HeidiTown, Mark.


      1. Maroon Bells if you haven’t done it. Get there early so you don’t have to take the bus and can see the sunrise on Maroon Lake (when the water is still). The hike to Crater Lake is easy but you can also go to Buckskin Pass or Willow Lake if you have all day.


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