A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado

I have stayed in four tiny homes and have concluded that I could not permanently live in a tiny house. I am too messy and quite frankly, I like having stuff. As a vacation rental, however, tiny homes are perfect. They more than meet my needs for a weekend getaway and they are ideal for a longer stay.

A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado, The Dogwood, HeidiTown.com
The Dogwood

For instance, my parents rented a tiny home for nearly a month in the North Fork Valley last year, and I stayed a week. Granted, with a full bedroom and loft, it was the largest tiny house I have seen, but it worked well for them.

Earlier this year, I had a second opportunity to stay at Wee Casa Tiny House Resort in Lyons, Colorado on the St. Vrain River. Lyons is a charming little town just an hour northwest of Denver. It’s an ideal jumping off point for exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, but the town is worth exploring too.

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I met my friend Karen at WeeCasa for a one-night vacation. I had first visited shortly after the resort opened, staying in one of their tiniest houses, Sprout. Today, the property is home to 22 houses and WeeGather, a clubhouse that acts as a gathering spot for guests and the community at-large.

A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado, Outside at WeeCasa, courtesy photo
Photo courtesy of WeeCasa

We were booked in The Dogwood, one of the resort’s newest tiny homes. It features two loft bedrooms, a living area, nicely appointed kitchen, small bathroom, and a pull out “dining table.” The owner, who lived in the home for a year, is a chef and when the house was being built she paid careful attention to the kitchen, which features a pull-out spice rack and top-notch appliances.

The space easily accommodated the two of us. The “master bedroom,” accessible by stairs instead of a ladder, even had a skylight, making The Dogwood quite bright inside.

A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado, The Dogwood, courtesy photo
The Dogwood, Photo courtesy of WeeCasa

WeeCasa Tiny House Resort is located within a two-minute walk of downtown Lyons. Guests who stay at WeeCasa for more than a couple of days become part of the community; known by name at the coffee shop and market.

St. Vrain Market is one of my favorite places and I will go out of my way to drive by for a sandwich or loaf of freshly made bread. 

The St. Vrain Market. Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer
St. Vrain Market & Deli

Karen and arrived at dinner time so we walked to Mojo Taqueria which is on the other side of downtown from WeeCasa. Thankfully, even the "other side of town" is just a pleasant stroll away.

A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado, Mojo, HeidiTown (3)

A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado, Mojo, HeidiTown (1)

A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado, Mojo, HeidiTown (2)

I hadn’t been to Mojo and happy hour on the patio is delightful. You can choose from a variety of happy hour specials such as tacos and cervezas. We ordered a variety of tacos and the yuca fries. It was all yummy and I can’t wait to take Ryan back to try one of the entrees. The plates, such as the short-rib burrito, look scrumptious.

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We sipped margaritas as the sun set on an unusually warm April day. It was the perfect Lyons evening, but it wasn’t over yet.

After dinner, we popped into Oskar Blues (upstairs) for a nightcap. We didn't know that it was Bluegrass Pick night. Karen is a percussionist and I grew up in an extremely musical family. I kept saying over and over, “my dad would love this.” After all, along with a bunch of guitars, he owns (and plays) a banjo.

A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado, Bluegrass Pick at Oskar Blues, HeidiTown.com

Every Tuesday, musicians get together to play bluegrass. There were guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins, a steel guitar and a stand-up bass. There was even a harmonica. I am probably missing an instrument but the musicians just kept coming and they passed instruments around so it was hard to keep track. I simply know that they belong to the More Than One Talent Club, a club of which I am not a member. 

The musicians filled the bar space completely, some standing. We sat at the bar in awe of the talent around us. For us, it was a spontaneous evening of live music and a memory we'll cherish forever. When they started playing “I’ll Fly Away” my eyes got a little misty, either from the music or whiskey, but probably both.

Oskar Blues is a staple of this community. Opened in 1997, there are now multiple locations but this is the original home of Oskar Blues and the site of the Bluegrass Pick. I have been here many times and their Satchmo Burger has been my favorite for at least a decade.

A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado, Bluegrass Pick at Oskar Blues 1, HeidiTown.com

We slept like babies in our separate lofts after chatting into the wee hours about how lucky we’d been to stumble into Oskar Blues that night.

The next morning, we had to leave town in a timely manner so we grabbed breakfast burritos to-go at St. Vrain Market and I got a London Fog at Barking Dog Cafe. It seemed most of the town had gathered at this small coffee shop that weekday morning and the place buzzed with chatter.

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I’d highly recommend Lyons and WeeCasa Tiny House Resort for your next vacation or weekend getaway. Each tiny house is different and you can browse their website to find one that’s perfect for you. There’s even a Hobbit House for Lord of the Ring nerds like my husband.

A Little Vacation in a Tiny Home in Lyons, Colorado
Hobbit House, Photo courtesy of WeeCasa

If you plan to make WeeCasa your home base for an active vacation—kayaking, cycling, hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park, rock climbing—leave some time for exploring the little village of Lyons. Or just come for a relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lyons is just an hour from Denver and 30 minutes from Boulder, but it feels much, much more remote. Last but not least, a stay in a tiny house comes with bragging rights; when they see pictures, your friends will be jealous.

Thank you to WeeCasa for hosting our stay in The Dogwood. Look for my story about WeeCasa Tiny House Resort in the May/June issue of “Colorado Life Magazine.”

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