Adelita's Fine Mexican Food (Loveland, CO)

414 E. 6th Street, Loveland, CO

No Website – Cash Only – Closed on Sunday & Monday

Heidi’s Illustrious Review: 4

I’ve been a patron of this restaurant for almost six years; it is my favorite Mexican food restaurant in Colorado. Look for the low slung, pink  adobe just east of Lincoln Place on 6th Street in downtown Loveland. On the weekends Adelita’s is packed. It is not unusual to have a  90 minute  wait on a Friday night during the summer. Even during the winter, a wait on most night should be expected.  The lunch crowd is also thick, but the food arrives so fast  lunch diners  are able to get in and out  fairly quickly.

No one minds the wait.  Simply order a margarita from the patio bar window and sit  at one of the many tables  on the  large enclosed patio.  The tables are tightly packed and you  may find yourself, especially after a margarita or two,  making friends with the people around you – this is perfectly normal at Adelita’s.

Ask any local and they’ll  tell you  Adelita’s  has the best margaritas in  town (and maybe even the world).  A margarita will set you back only $3.50 and two of these tasty, frothy drinks will undoubtedly  put you in a happy state of mind.  There are beers by the bottle and wine, all well-priced, but it’s the margaritas that keep people coming back. Adelita’s consistently wins top honors in the Best Margarita Category  of the  “Best Of” contest  ran yearly by the local newspaper.

A friend of mine once described the inside of Adelita’s as looking like her grandma’s house and now I can’t get the description out of my mind when I dine there. It is a little like grandma’s house, complete with plastic plants, plastic table cloths with the fuzzy undersides and pink walls. I don’t know how long Adelita’s has been open (I think it’s in double digits), but I don’t think a lot of money has been spent on cosmetic renovations through the years. But why would they? People keep coming and enjoying the place just the way it is.

As soon as you arrive at your table you will receive warm chips and a very small bowl of spicy  salsa.   The staff is usually quite efficient, but you will not always recieve service with a smile.  I’d say about 50% of the time we have a friendly  server and about 50% of the time we have an indifferent server.

Prices this low haven’t graced a menu in years. My usual is the stuffed chicken sopapilla smothered in green chili with a side of rice or beans ($4.25). Sometimes if I’m really hungry I’ll order a taco or relleno a la carte, but on those visits I walk away too full.   My husband always gets the chili rellenos plate; he has tried chili rellenos at restaurants all over New Mexico and Colorado and declares Adelita’s to be the very best. The menu includes all the usual Mexican fare – the green chili is fabulous. I think the most expensive item on the menu is around $8, sometimes more for the nightly special if it’s steak or fish.   Food always arrives fast and hot. We like to finish off  with a sopapilla, though we  usually don’t  have room in our stomachs.  

We  enjoy taking out-of-town guests  to Adelita’s. The prices are great and the atmosphere is  ideal for chatter and laughter. Many of our out-of-town guests come from the Pacific Northwest where the Mexican food is bland and there’s no such thing as Green Chile *gasp* so Adelita’s is a real departure from what  our  guests  think of as  “Mexican” food.

I highly recommend Adelita’s for lunch or dinner, as a fun casual date, night out with the family or a gathering of friends. Be prepared for a wait on most evenings, but with margarita-in-hand, who cares!

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  1. hmks

    Alas, prices have gone up!

    It seems most menu items went up 25-50 cents, some a little more.

    We ate there last night, service was slow, but our waitresses was very nice and apologetic. As usual, the place was packed.

    Despite the rise in prices, the prices are still below normal and they still have the best margarita in all of Colorado (now $4).

    Adelita’s will continue to be my favorite Mexican food restaurant in Colorado and beyond.

    • Nadine

      Hi there! Thanks for the review of Adelitas. I will be visiting CO next week and plan to give Adelitas a try. Mexican food is my fav.

      If you’re ever in Texas (Houston, Dallas, Bryan, or Waco) try Taqueria Arandas. Living in TX I eat A LOT of Mexican food and this place is really good.


      • The Mayor

        My other business is a furniture company and we have furniture in both Dallas and Houston showrooms, so I will look this place up the next time we are down there. We’ve eaten at two very good Mexican places in Houston – one was more of a fish taco joint, while the other was more upscale. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of either.

        Adelitas is definitely NOT upscale, but it’s not a “joint” either. 🙂 They have awesome green chili and the BEST margaritas. Stop back by and let us know what you thought!

  2. breeze anderson

    Was there two weeks ago and had a great waitress named Laurie-she took awesome care of us and was very personable-food was good as always and good prices-would highly reccomend

  3. hmks

    UPDATE: As of March 25, 2009, Adelita’s is still closed. A fire in December forced the closure. The building is currently undergoing renovations.

    There’s no word on when Adelita’s is scheduled to reopen. I have tried to call their telephone number, but no one answers.

  4. wordsbybob

    So many are waiting for it to re-open. Don’t forget the key lime pie with Oreo crust when you go.

  5. Avsinsix

    I have it on good authority that Adelita’s may open the weekend of April 25…… Let’s hope!!!!

  6. hmks

    My fingers are crossed. I can’t last much longer without a chicken sopapilla and an Adelita’s marg.


  7. Leslie

    Ohh Addy’s mango marg! I can still taste summer in my mouth. Where did that CO sun go btw? I need an excuse to try the raspberry. 🙂

  8. Molly

    My hubby loves this place. The service is always a surprise…some friendly some bland. Long waits are most common. And the decor is chintzy Mexican-altogether an adventure!

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