Smashburger (Location: Fort Collins, CO)


2550 E. Harmony Road, Suite 100, Fort Collins, Colorado

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Heidi’s Illustrious Rating: Burgers 3.75, Fries 5.0

I’ve been driving by the new Smashburger  location in Fort Collins for months now, and this past Friday we finally stopped in for a bite before a movie.   Smashburger is to McDonald’s as Chipotle and Q’Doba are to Taco Bell –  a step above average, run of the mill fast-food.

The place was packed with the sort of people you’d never see having Friday night dinner at a fast food chain.   Couples on dates, well-dressed families with their children, and the Fort Collins outdoors set, all lined up to order at the counter.

The restaurant is clean and  bright, with big stencil lettering on the  walls. I ordered the Spicy Baja, a burger with pepperjack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, chipotle mayo and fresh jalapenos on a chipotle bun. My husband ordered the Classic Smashburger and a Smashdog, Chicago style. He has a hard time passing up a hot dog and didn’t want to miss out on trying the burger too – good thing he was hungry.   We also ordered a side of Smashfries, a soda and a water.   Our bill was $19.  

We got our number and sat at a table overlooking the patio, further on is E. Harmony Road. The patio  will be an ideal spot to come during the summer for a Smashdog and a beer.   A bottle of beer is $2.99 and wine by the glass is $3.99. They also sell a bucket of four beers for $9.99.

Our food arrived quickly, via a smiling waiter. We found the staff to be incrediblyfriendly, and the manager kept a close eye on all the tables, even stopping by to ask if everything was okay.   And it was.   My first observation was the freshness of the ingredients.   Everything on my burger was fresh, from the crispy lettuce to the freshly cut, raw jalapenos (just the way I like them).   I got the 1/3 lb burger, a 1/2 pound is also available.

My burger was messy, thanks to the guacamole, but it was delicious. On par, if not better, than most restaurant burgers and way above fast-food quality.   My husband enjoyed his burger and his  Smashdog.   However, the standout for me were the Smashfries.   Tossed in  olive oil, rosemary and garlic, they are simply addictive, and thankfully, an order is quite large.    

Smashburger  is a Denver-based chain, with only a few out-of-state stores, but the franchise is growing. The restaurant uses never frozen, Certified Angus Beef.

We will be back – I can already hear those rosemary, garlic fries calling my name.

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  1. Leslie

    Really enjoy Smashburger also, but I think Five Guys Burgers and Fries might have them beat in my book for taste. I will say that Smashburger gained some high points when I saw their booth at Loveland’s SummerFest this past July! Good job supporting local events Smashburger!!!

  2. hmks

    We STILL haven’t tried Five Guys. We have several friends who swear those are the best burgers around. I wish they’d open one in Loveland. I’d take either one, Smashburger or a Five Guys.

    And I really HATE to say it, but as long as we are talkng about fast food, no one beats McDonald fries.

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