The Kitchen (Greeley, CO)

905 16th Street, Greeley, CO

Monday – Saturday 6 a.m. to 1:50 p.m. and Sundays 7 a.m. to 1:50 p.m.

Heidi’s Illustrious Rating: 4

No frills, just good food.

Our party of four  scooted  into the last available  booth at The Kitchen late on a Sunday morning. Diner food is obviously  popular with all types of people; the two dining areas were packed with families, college students and retirees.  

Since 1952, The Kitchen  has  sat securely  at the corner of 16th Street and 9th Avenue in Greeley, Colorado, directly across from University of Northern Colorado’s main campus.

A tattooed college student with a genuine smile quickly greeted us. He took our drink orders and  zigzagged away through the tightly crammed tables. A table of twelve sat next to us and I feared  service  would be slow, however, our drinks were immediately in front of  us and our food orders were taken.   Having already eaten an early breakfast, Ryan and I ordered lunch. A  chicken philly sandwich  with  onion rings  ($6) for me and a  double cheeseburger and fries ($6)  for Ryan. Our friends  both ordered the chicken fried steak breakfast  special  ($6.25).

There is something about a diner that inspires loud and boisterous conversation and the dining area buzzed around us. Soon our table was caught up in our own lively discussion. Despite my fears, our meals  were  served  almost immediately.

The chicken  philly arrived with Swiss cheese melted to perfection and the sandwich literally burst with flavor. I could  taste the thickly cut mushrooms in every bite. The onion rings were  slightly overdone, but I ate every single one. Ryan’s  cheeseburger sizzled  hot off the grill and came with small, crispy, meant-to-be-eaten-four-at-a-time  diner fries. The chicken fried steak received high praise from our friends and  even though my sandwich was deliciously satisfying, I had a small twinge of regret when I laid eyes on the chicken fried steak and potatoes covered in  creamy gravy.  

Our  three drinks (juice, soda and tea) and four meals came to $32 plus tip. Not  too shabby when an average breakfast at a chain restaurant is creeping  close to  $10, excluding the $2 cup of coffee.

The menu at The  Kitchen is typical diner fare with all-American breakfasts, including Colorado’s favorite, the  breakfast burrito. Lunch and dinner consists of patty melts, BLTs, turkey and mashed potatoes, chicken in barbecue sauce and much more. It all falls into the category of comfort food and all at a  price even  Grandpa won’t mind paying.            

We will definitely be back to The Kitchen. Next time I think  I’ll indulge in the chicken fried steak.

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  1. Mary

    My very close friends went to the “The Kitchen” and were not waited on. They sat for 20 minutes and watched the waitress wait on 4 tables and when she looked at them they got a look that was rude and disrespectful. No effort was made to acknowledge them or assist them so they got up and walked out. Oh and by the way, my friends are black. I am so ashamed that anyone is ever treated this way and I want to encourage anyone that reads this to boycott this establishment. Greeley has so many amazing places to eat and be treated like a human being. I will NEVER step foot in this establishment.

  2. Charisma

    My husband and I went to the Kitchen and it was awefull!!! We sat ourselves, got water, then nobody came back at all!!! WE waited 20min and the waitress waited on 4 other tables, looked at us as we looked at her to say we were ready and she looked at us every time and just walked off. Each time trying to act as if there was something to do “can i get you a napkin? Can i get you cranberry instead of orange? Oh do i need to move this chair?” It was digusting! WE never ate. I firmly believe that the owners/managers need to look into who they are hiring. WE went to The Country Inn and got seated great service and our food was out within 5-10 minutes and was hot, fresh and delicious. NEVER GOING TO “the kitchen again”
    The toothless cook didnt help either.

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