Beyond Colorado: 12 Years of HeidiTown

I feel like I’m writing one of these every day. I think it is because time is moving so fast. 

Beyond Colorado 12 Years of HeidiTown. (3)
Uncompahgre River near Ouray, Colorado.

I’ve been the Mayor of HeidiTown for 12 years, yes, I started the blog in 2007, and wow, that feels like a long time ago. I don’t think I even know exactly what a blog was in the mid-2000s. 

This year has had its challenges. The main one being that I was diagnosed with atypical migraines in June. This meant a drastically different summer than I had planned. For example, I ended up in the emergency room four times. I still went on road trips and kept writing, but I was getting migraines on trips, wiping out half a day here and an evening there. 

Beyond Colorado 12 Years of HeidiTown. (4)
Snowshoe outing with Winter Park Resort.

We hope that the latest round of “throwing spaghetti against a wall” will result in fewer migraines going forward. In fact, I hope for no more migraines going forward. I call it throwing spaghetti against the wall because the medical field knows so little about migraines that it seems ridiculous. 

I am very lucky to have found the right person to go through life with; a summer like ours is a good way to strain a relationship. His unwavering love for me has kept me going.

Beyond Colorado 12 Years of HeidiTown. (2)
Pueblo, Colorado

While migraine issues have taken up a large part of my world in the last six months, I have still been going places and writing things. Going places and writing things is what I live for so the show must go on.

As most of you know, we recently added a puppy to our family and last fall we added a cat. The cat is not overjoyed about the dog but that’s to be expected. After all, he’s been an “only fur child” for a year. 

Beyond Colorado 12 Years of HeidiTown. (1)
Fritzi’s first road trip. The Arkansas River in Salida, Colorado.

I hope to incorporate Fritzi into future HeidiTown travels and so you may see her frequently on this site. 

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This past year, HeidiTown has run some enjoyable campaigns; one with Greeley, which is exciting because I am a big fan of this Northern Colorado town. The Heidi Guide continues to flourish and represents a fun hat I get to wear on mountain trips. 

Beyond Colorado 12 Years of HeidiTown. (5)
Redstone Castle

My travel column continues to appear on “NOCO Style Magazine” which made the move to Loveland, Colorado this year. I have also secured a great gig writing the travel section for “Colorado Life,” “Utah Life” and “Nebraska Life” in 2020. 

The last 12 years of HeidiTown have truly been amazing. I have been to just about every town in Colorado at least once and I have met amazing people along the way. This past year, I’ve taken multiple trips to Nebraska and Wyoming, two places that HeidiTown annexed in 2017. 

Beyond Colorado 12 Years of HeidiTown. (6)
Lincoln Highway Diner in North Platte, Nebraska.

Life is good, even though this past year I have had to remind myself of this fact. I am grateful for this little town, the friendships that have developed because of it and I am truly grateful for HeidiTown’s citizens. Without you, none of this is possible and I never take that truth for granted.


  1. Love reading your adventures and adding to my wish list. Congrats on the travel mag columns!
    Hope your health turns for good and stays there.


  2. Congrats on the anniversary! I always enjoy your pieces in NOCO Style. Hope the migraine cure works.


  3. So much fun!! Love the picture of Fritzi!


  4. Congratulations!! I’m so proud of you and happy you’re my friend. xo


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